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Reverend Anna Dorathea

At the age of seven, Anna had her first experience as a sensitive. This was the starting point of questions and curiosity, which, later, at the age of 13, led into investigation of why these experiences occurred. Both Anna’s parents were watching her closely. Anna’s father was a sensitive, while her mother, as well as her grandmother, were both sensitive healers, and both were herbalists.

Anna turned to psychology, which led her into parapsychology, metaphysics, and then led into esotericism and the theories of Spiritualism and later into Pyramid energy. Anna studied with Dr. Francis Wenig D.D. for seven years, and later for three years with Dr. Rose Florio D.D. Both teachers were members of Lilly Dale Spiritual Community. After ten years of study, Anna began her practice teaching classes in the theories of Metaphysics, Holistic Healing. Science Of Mind, Course In Miracles, meditation groups, the Power of Pyramid Energy, and Spiritual Directing. The circuit was NYC through Smithtown L. I. Anna did radio interviews on the Joel Martin Show. Anna has also been involved with THE AKASHIC SCROLLS NEWSLETTER, in the field of Metaphysics writing numerous articles as well as poetry. Anna’s lecturing experiences include appearances in adult education classes, the School of Martial Arts and various lecture halls from L. I. to the State of Virginia. Anna, on May 30, 1991 was ordained into the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK as a Priest, by The Sanctuary of the Beloved Inc. of the State of NY and the University of Melchizedek. Rev. Anna Dorathea is also a certified Signature Cell Healer.

Students from Rev. Anna’s School in Philosophy of Metaphysical Science cover a full range of professional fields. Graduate students in Long Island and Virginia include teachers, nurses, psychologists, counselors, therapists, writers, reflexologists, kinesiologists, and hypnotherapists.

Future career directions include continued research in the use of metaphysics in development of new methodology use in child and adult psychotherapy. Work is in progress on two books (Heal Your Self and Heal Humanity) and (Humanity’s Greatness). Rev, Anna enjoys reading about the origin of Urantia, The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch, music, lunch with friends, writing new prayers for the fifth element energy, and most of all, closing her eyes and listening to her husband Arthur sing.


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