Facilitated by
Anna Dorathea

April 29 & 30, 10 AM - 4:30 PM

Healing Hands
3054-B Berkmar Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Join us as we investigate and study the Original Methodology on which the Art of the
Accelerated Light Healing is based.
This is the same method of Spiritual Healing given to the Elders, during the time period before
Christ, to keep it flowing through all of the successive generations.
During the study we will be touching on all of the Finer Light Bodies. This type of Healing
clears all of the Solar Light Bodies as well as the Astral, Etheric, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual,
and Physical Bodies. The final result of which is the eradication of all Dis-ease.
Through this process the Human Consciousness is permitted to accept
the Divine Realms of Pure Life Force.

A light lunch will be provided each day, along with water throughout the day

Due by April 20th 2017, to reserve your spot!
Act now space is limited!

Accelerated Light Healing Workshop
Cost: $110

Healing tools and specialties available for purchase at the venue

For more information Email Anna Dorathea or call 434 295-0195


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