October 2016 Newsletter


      BY Anna Dorathea

      The most beautiful things about Fall are the variety of colorful leaves that float off the trees and the smell of the fresh brisk air as we take an afternoon stroll. Then of course, we take out the Pumpkins, the Costumes, and the Decorating, all for a Holiday called Halloween. This is the second major Holiday next to Christmas Day.

      Halloween, started by the ancient Celts, was a Pagan religious tradition based on their "Feast of Samhain". It was also the Celtic New Year. Ghosts and spirits were known to comeout at this time. The Feast was celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, Wales,and part of Britain. The ancient Romans celebration was for "Pomona, the Goddess of Fruit and Trees". It was a Harvest Day, similar to America as we bob for apples. This was all done throughout these countries on November First.

      Strangely enough the Christian tradition celebrated on November First is "All Saints Day" and November Second is "All Souls Day". October 31st, later became "The Eve of All Saints", also know by others as "All Hallow's Eve". Over time we have incorporated Christian traditions with Pagan Rituals. Basically speaking Americans made Halloween greater ignoring the Celtic-European traditions.

      The Magic of Halloween started when the Irish immigrants came to the USA and gave America "Trick or Treating". For us, as Americans, we love the night of Halloween Darkness, Mystery, and all the Magic of the Full Moon with Wolves howling their songs, as Children of the Night.

      I dedicate this Newsletter to my Goddess of Love & Light, Lucky Who celebrates her birth on Halloween.

Lovingly Blessing you my Godchild,                            


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