The Order of Melchizedek

This is a Spiritual as birth less, as ageless, as deathless, a God. The authority and power come from the Eternal Divine Source of Pure Being. Melchizedek is the all-inclusive word for the Brotherhood of Man.

Melchi KING and Zedek Righteousness.

The Brotherhood is myriad in number and is invisible to the human eye. They are very high Spiritual beings from many planets, including Earth. They have worked together as one with Divine intelligence beyond our mortal comprehension. They speak all language of any race or nation. They work from exalted supernatural planes of Divine intelligence. They are always aware of what is taking place and read the motives of mankind behind the actions before they take place. IN very ancient times the first Governors of nations and races were Melchizedek Priest and Kings. They were sent by High Principals of Life the I AM to do the duties of law and order for protection of humanity. After the Order of Melchizdek is the highest plane that humanity is able mortally to understand. Its numbers are assigned to teach and enlighten the leaders of earth, seers, prophets, Kings, presidents, educators, philosophers. All is for the betterment of mankind.

Reverend Ann has been a minister and seer for the Order of Melchizedek for over twenty years. She works in guidance, wisdom, knowledge and most of all Love.


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